Acroyoga - Practice in Partnership and Community

Peters Acro.jpg

Darcy discovered Acroyoga and Slacklining in 2012 and trained with YogaSlackers in 2013 to teach these practices. In January of 2018 Casey and Darcy attended Acro Mastermind teacher training in New Zealand with their favorite coaches, Jason and Chelsey Magness. Their method for acrobatics is all about accessible, logical progressions to take you from where you are beginning, toward poses and tricks you are curious about.  Just like your yoga practice, your acro practice will surprise you as you gradually become capable in ways you have never imagined!

While the physical feats of acro can be impressive, we hold that the real reason to practice acrobatics is to build deeper skills of communication, trust and playfulness. Acro teaches us to accurately self-assess what skills we are ready for and what we need to feel safe trying them.  We get better at being able to ask for what we need.  We can observe that our friends and community are trustworthy and will keep us safe.  And, maybe, most importantly, acro makes us giggle like little kids!  Don't be afraid to step off of you solo yoga mat, and discover how to balance with friends!